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Tuition Free Top Universities in Denmark: A Detailed Guide

Denmark has long been known as one of the most educated countries in the world. One of the major reasons is that higher education is free for both Danish and international students in Denmark. This includes tough undergraduate and graduate programs taught fully in English at reputed universities.

Tuition Free Top Universities in Denmark
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With excellent education and a high quality of life, Denmark continues to attract students from all over the globe looking for an affordable quality education free from high university tuition fees.

This guide takes a detailed look at tuition free top universities in Denmark for international students in 2024.

Why Pursue a Tuition Free Education in Denmark?

Denmark has consistently ranked among the happiest countries globally. Coupled with an excellent higher education system and a high rank on quality of life indices, the country offers international students the ideal environment to study and grow academically.

But the biggest advantage is the absence of tuition fees at Denmark’s world-class universities. Here are some key reasons why Denmark is a haven for affordable quality education:

No Tuition Fees at Public Universities

All public universities in Denmark are free for both Danish and international students alike. This includes undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs. You only need to pay an admissions processing fee which is typically under $100.

Reputed Universities with High-Quality Education

Danish universities are known around the world for their academic excellence and cutting-edge research across disciplines. They consistently rank among the top 100 in global university rankings. This includes the Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen.

Wide Range of Programs in English

Over 700 English-taught programs are offered at the Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD levels spanning fields like engineering, business, technology and design at Danish universities. This makes Denmark ideal for international students looking for an English-based degree.

Part-time Work Opportunities

As an international student, you can work part-time for about 15-20 hours per week in Denmark after having lived in the country for 6 months. This allows you to earn your living expenses while studying tuition-free.

Innovative Pedagogy and Research

The teaching methodology at Danish universities focuses on creativity, critical thinking and developing solutions. With strong industry partnerships across disciplines, the programs have a practical approach guided by the latest research.

With these benefits combined with an unbeatable quality of life, Denmark offers international students the complete package for an affordable premium higher education experience.

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Tuition Free Top Universities in Denmark for International Students

As a study destination, Denmark presents excellent opportunities across disciplines including engineering, information technology, natural sciences, psychology, economics and business through specialized fields like sustainable energy and architecture.

Here are some of the best tuition free top universities in Denmark for international students:

University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is Denmark’s largest and oldest university established in 1479. Consistently ranked as the best university in Denmark, it is placed among top 30 globally in various world university rankings.

Across its six faculties, the university offers over 200 masters degrees with one-third taught in English. Popular programs are Global Health, Economics, Political Science, Human Rights Law, Psychology, Computer Science and Nanoscience. Its graduate programs cost under $100 per year with additional health insurance of about $70 per month.

Aarhus University

Aarhus University is a public research university placed 2nd in Denmark and among top 100 universities worldwide. Founded in 1928, it offers a progressive environment for education and research across humanities, social sciences, health sciences, science & technology and business.

Over 250 masters degree are offered through its four faculties, out of which 95 programs are in English. It is home to 5 Nobel laureates and popular fields of study are Molecular Biology, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering and Medicine.

Technical University of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark (DTU), founded in 1829 is northern Europe’s largest engineering university.

It offers a wide range of Bachelors and Masters programs in engineering disciplines including Electrical, Biotechnology, Physics, Computer science, Programming and many more specialized fields. Over 80 Masters programs at DTU are taught fully in English.

DTU is recognized globally for its education and research centred on creating responsible technological solutions aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This makes DTU a leading university choice for studying engineering focused on sustainability.

Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

CBS is Denmark’s largest business school located in Frederiksberg. Established in 1917, it offers world-class research based education in business, management, economics, politics, sociology and psychology.

The Bachelors programs are in Danish while the Masters and executive education are in English. Popular programs are Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Finance, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Innovation Management and more. It also offers a Masters program in Sustainable Fashion and Business.

How to Find a Tuition Free University in Denmark

Applying to a tuition free university program in Denmark involves a step-by-step process:

Step 1: Research Study Programs and Universities Based on your academic interests and career goals, extensively research the programs offered, modules covered, application requirements as provided on the university websites. Learn about deadlines for applications, available scholarships, job prospects, etc.

Step 2: Verify Eligibility Criteria Confirm if you satisfy the eligibility conditions set for international students related to academic grades, English language certifications, relevant academic qualification and work experience where applicable.

Step 3: Organize Application Materials Prepare all required documents like transcripts and certificates, Statement of Purpose (SOP), updated CV and letters of recommendation ready to apply. Proofread all content thoroughly.

Step 4: Apply on University Website Complete your program application by choosing all components correctly on the university website like personal details, study program selection and uploading necessary documents. Cross check before submission.

Step 5: Get Acceptance and Arrange Finances On acceptance, proceed with admission confirmation by paying enrollment fees. For living expenses, apply for scholarships or educational loans or arrange personal finances.

Step 6: Apply for Student Visa and Accommodation Apply for your Denmark student resident permit from the Danish Agency for International Education. Simultaneously, apply for university residence permit and sign housing contract.

Through the step-by-step application process, you can realize your dream of a tuition free higher education at Denmark’s best universities. With program choices across streams, take advantage of this affordable access to quality teaching and research infrastructure.

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How Much Does it Cost to Study in Denmark?

Though public university education is free in Denmark, you need to account for living costs, health insurance, books and study materials while budgeting your study abroad dream. Understand the average range of expenses as you plan your finances:

Expense ItemsAverage Annual Cost
Food and Household$2,700-$4,500
Health Insurance$480-$1,100
Study Materials$780-$1,200
Telephone and Internet$300-$780
Public Transport$300-$780
Total$12,060 – $23,060

Scholarships and part-time work help offset these costs. But with no tuition fees at public universities, Denmark offers an affordable, world-class higher education experience for international students.

Top 3 Affordable Programs at Danish Universities

Here are some great tuition free masters programs covering fields in high demand you could consider at reputed universities in Denmark:

1. MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science – University of Copenhagen

As data science continues to shape various industries, this program equips you with strong competencies in machine learning, AI, big data analytics and applications. With extensive hands-on learning using real-world tools, you graduate industry-ready to apply technical skills to gather actionable business insights across domains.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Relevant bachelors degree with strong grasp of mathematics and programming

Tuition Fee: None

Scholarships: Partial scholarships for international students based on merit

2. MSc in Sustainable Design Engineering – Aalborg University Copenhagen

Combining sustainable development with engineering innovation this program nurtures creative problem solvers to build appropriate technological solutions for societies globally. Spanning physics, design thinking, materials and processes, you acquire diverse competencies, perspectives and methodologies through project-based learning model.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Engineering/design bachelor degree

Tuition Fee: None

Scholarships: AUFF Scholarships for international students

3. MSc Business Analytics – Copenhagen Business School

With every business investing in data analytics to study markets and optimize decisions, this STEM designated masters program develops statistical, technical programming along and business acumen skills to succeed as a business data scientist across industries like finance, marketing and management.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Bachelors in STEM/ business management

Tuition Fee: None

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FAQs on Tuition Free Education in Denmark

1. Which courses are taught in English at Danish universities?

Over 700 bachelors, masters and PhD programs across STEM disciplines, humanities and social sciences are taught fully in English catering specifically to international students at leading universities like Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen and Aalborg University.

Popular degrees are in Computer Science, Information Technology, Medicine, Public Health, Nanotechnology, Design, Economics, Business Administration, Anthropology and Psychology.

2. How can I find and apply for university scholarships in Denmark?

Most universities in Denmark offer merit-based scholarships for international students that cover partial/full tuition waiver and/or monthly stipends. These scholarships are awarded at the time of or after admissions based on grades and eligibility criteria. Some external partial scholarships are also provided by private foundations.

Refer to university websites for the latest scholarship information and application process for international students. Some useful scholarship search platforms are Scholarship Portal and EduFund.

3. What kind of part-time jobs can I find as a student in Denmark?

After registering your address in Denmark and getting a CPR number, you become eligible to take up a student job. Typically 8 hours per week (up to 15 hours) are allowed while studying. Popular part-time jobs for students in cafes, stores, restaurants, bars, editorials and designated student jobs in university departments. Typical student jobs pay about DKK 100-150 per hour.

4. Is it compulsory to learn Danish language for living and studying in Denmark?

It is not mandatory to learn Danish language as English is widely spoken and understood across Denmark. All key interactions for education,jobs, business and in daily life can easily be managed in English.

However, putting in some effort to learn key Danish phrases, words and understanding cultural nuances is always helpful to integrate better with the local community for the long run. Some universities offer basic Danish language elective courses for international students.

5. What kind of visa do I need to live and study in Denmark?

Non-EU students would need to apply for a Danish residence permit related to studies like:

  • Student visa for higher education
  • PhD study visa
  • Guest researcher visa

This student visa allows you live, study and work part-time in Denmark as per your program duration once you get admission confirmation from a certified Danish institution. Application processing takes about 2 months through Danish embassies once you submit the required documents.

Affordable access to quality higher education, promising career opportunities after graduation combined with an unmatched quality of living make Denmark a preferred global study destination for international students in Europe.

So if you are looking for reputed universities with a wide choice of graduate programs across disciplines completely taught in English at zero tuition fees, Denmark has all the right ingredients for your successful academic journey abroad.

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