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Does Travel Insurance Cover Pregnancy? 5 Tips and Guidelines

Last updated on February 18, 2024

Planning a trip while pregnant can be exciting but also come with a lot of questions and concerns. One major consideration is whether you need to purchase a travel insurance policy that covers pregnancy, in case any complications or issues arise.

So, let’s dive deeper into the process and explore the benefits of travel insurance cover pregnancy.

Travel Insurance Cover Pregnancy
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Getting the right travel insurance coverage is crucial when you are expecting. Most standard policies do not provide adequate coverage for pregnancy-related conditions and expenses. Fortunately, some plans cater specifically to pregnant travelers’ needs.

This article will discuss in detail what pregnancy-related circumstances standard and pregnancy travel insurance plans cover. We’ll also provide tips on how to find the best travel insurance for pregnant women.

What Does Standard Travel Insurance Cover for Pregnancy?

Most off-the-shelf travel insurance plans provide limited or no coverage for pregnancy. Here is an overview of what regular policies typically exclude or restrict:

Travel Insurance Cover Pregnancy
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  • Pregnancy cancellation: Standard policies do not cover trip cancellation due to normal pregnancy or childbirth. You cannot claim costs back for canceling just because you find out you are pregnant after booking the trip. However, some insurers may allow cancellation if serious medical complications with the pregnancy arise.
  • Pregnancy medical expenses: Insurers consider pregnancy a “pre-existing medical condition.” So trip interruption, medical treatment, and evacuation abroad due to pregnancy, delivery, or postnatal care are usually excluded.
  • Repatriation of remains: Repatriation coverage often excludes the remains of fetuses or infants under a specified age, such as under 16 weeks gestation.
  • Age limits: Most regular policies have upper age restrictions for pregnancies, such as no coverage over age 40 or 35. Risks are higher for older expectant mothers.

So in short—standard travel insurance is not designed for those expecting a baby. Exclusions make regular policies inadequate for protecting pregnant travelers.

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What Does Pregnancy Travel Insurance Cover?

Specialized travel insurance for pregnant women provides much more comprehensive coverage. Policies are available from some insurers that lift the typical pregnancy exclusions. Here are the kinds of circumstances they protect against:

Pregnancy Cancellation

Pregnancy and childbirth cancellation is covered under pregnancy travel insurance policies. You can recuperate non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs if needing to cancel for reasons arising from the pregnancy. This includes:

  • Sudden complications like ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or gestational diabetes
  • Doctor-ordered bed rest due to high-risk factors
  • Premature birth earlier than 8 weeks before the due date
  • Any other serious medical issue affecting your health or the baby’s

Most policies require backing from a medical certificate to claim cancellation costs.

Pregnancy Medical Expenses

Pregnancy travel insurance will cover medical treatment you incur during your trip for:

  • Prenatal and postnatal care
  • Delivery and hospitalization
  • Care of newborns up to 14 days old
  • Any pregnancy or delivery complications for mother or infant

Coverage applies overseas and often domestically too. Individual and overall benefit limits still apply, usually from $50,000 up to $500,000 or more. Evacuation may also be covered if local facilities are inadequate.

Other Pregnancy Benefits

Some pregnancy travel plans also offer coverage for:

  • Repatriation of remains for infants up to 16 weeks gestation
  • Later pregnancy age limits, e.g. up to 43 years old
  • Trip delays/interruptions beyond 32 weeks gestation
  • Free coverage for infants up to 14 days old
  • 24/7 telephone assistance

When Is Travel Insurance Needed for Pregnancy?

Purchasing specialty pregnancy insurance makes sense for expecting mothers planning higher-risk trips:

Third Trimester Travel

Most airlines and cruise lines prohibit third-trimester travel, or require doctor’s clearance. Without insurance, you cannot recuperate costs for banned trips. Policies with pregnancy cancellation coverage enable trips into the late second and third trimester.

International Trips

Traveling abroad while pregnant warrants insurance even more. You don’t want to risk incurring enormous hospital bills overseas or struggle finding quality care. Emergency medical and evacuation coverage provides vital protections abroad.

Underlying Conditions

For women with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., the chances of pregnancy complications rise. Cancellation coverage for medically-necessary trip interruption is therefore essential.

Age 35 Plus

Advanced maternal age heightens risks for conditions like preeclampsia or miscarriage. These potentially jeopardize travel plans. Pregnancy insurance safeguards older expecting mothers.

For low-risk travel before 32 weeks gestation domestically, insurance is less critical. But all pregnant travelers can benefit from tailored coverage.

5 Tips for Finding the Best Pregnancy Travel Insurance

If you’ve determined trip insurance makes sense during pregnancy, here are five factors to help find the right plan:

1. Purchase Early

Buy insurance immediately upon confirming travel plans and pregnancy. This qualifies as a “pre-existing situation,” so policies must be bought pre-departure.

2. Understand Exclusions

Carefully read the fine print exclusions and restrictions. Then verify coverage details with the insurer before paying.

3. Check Financial Stability

Opt for larger, reputable insurers with strong financial backing and excellent customer service reputations. This ensures they can pay out claims reliably.

4. Compare Pregnancy Policies

Some insurers offer better pregnancy protections and limits than others. Contrast plans’ particular coverage details and limits to get the most suitable one.

5. Include Medical Evacuation

For international trips especially, add medical evacuation coverage. That way if local medical facilities are inadequate, you can safely transfer home or to the nearest properly-equipped hospital.

Pregnancy Travel Insurance Policy Comparison Chart

Here is a detailed feature comparison of some top recommended pregnancy travel insurance options to help you select the right plan:

Policy FeaturesInsurer 1Insurer 2Insurer 3
Pregnancy Cancellation
Up to Age 43
Trip Delay/Interruption
Pregnancy Medical$1 million$500K$250K
Medical Evacuation
Repatriation16 weeksNo coverage16 weeks
Premature Birth32 weeks34 weeks32 weeks
Domestic Coverage
Underlying ConditionsWith rider
Newborn CoverageFree for 14 days$25 per infant$50 per infant
Customer Service24/7Office hours24/7

As evidenced above, policies have significant differences in certain pregnancy protections offered. Comparing insurance plans side-by-side allows you to assess costs against potential benefits to pick the best fit.

The Bottom Line

When pregnant, finding adequate travel insurance is crucial yet tricky. While regular policies offer limited protections, specialty pregnancy plans provide vital cancellation, medical, evacuation and other tailored coverages expecting mothers require.

Carefully assess your particular pregnancy risks and compare plans to find the best fit. This ensures you, your baby, and your wallet are well taken care of—so you can relax and enjoy your travels.

Safe trips and happy babymoons!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) About Pregnancy Travel Insurance

Still have some lingering questions about insuring travel during pregnancy? Here we answer some commonly asked questions:

Does pregnancy travel insurance cover all pregnancy complications?

Most specialty pregnancy plans cover serious complications that suddenly arise affecting mother or baby. But each has exclusions, like abortion, fetal surgery, or drug/alcohol related issues. Verify details.

Can I buy pregnancy insurance after getting pregnant?

Yes, you can buy pregnancy travel insurance after getting pregnant as long as it’s purchased pre-departure. This differs from regular policies.

Is pregnancy travel insurance expensive?

Expect to pay between 4-10% above standard insurance costs. Exact pricing depends on factors like trip destination, duration, insured amounts, and coverage extent. Shop policies to find the best value.

When can’t I travel while pregnant?

Most airlines prohibit flying too close to the due date, around 8 weeks prior for singles, 12 weeks with multiples. Cruise ships also have similar restrictions. Without the right insurance, such banned trips mean losing what you pre-paid.

What if I’m pregnant with multiples?

Let your insurer know if you are expecting more than one baby. Additional premiums may apply for the extra risk associated with multiple births.

Am I covered for pregnancy if I don’t know I’m pregnant when I book my trip?

Unfortunately, standard policies won’t cover cancellation or medical treatment for surprise pregnancies discovered post-purchase. Only specialty pregnancy products provide cancellation leeway for this situation.

Can my whole family be covered under a pregnancy travel insurance policy?

Pregnancy plans only cover the expecting mother listed on the policy and infants up to their free coverage age limit (usually 14 days old). Add a separate multi-trip annual family plan to cover any other traveling family members too.

What about home births—are those covered?

Most pregnancy insurance provides coverage wherever you deliver, whether at home, birthing center, or hospital. Though conditions and limits can apply, like only covering home births attended by certified nurses or midwives. Verify coverage specifics.

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