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Top 10 University Scholarships for Indian Students without IELTS

Last updated on December 19, 2023

Pursuing higher education abroad is a dream for many Indian students. However, the high costs of international tuition and living expenses can make it seem out of reach. The good news is that many top universities provide scholarships specifically for Indian students, removing the need for expensive student loans. In this article, we will discuss the best university scholarships for Indian students to study abroad without needing IELTS.

Why Apply for University Scholarships?

There are several benefits of applying for university-specific scholarships as an Indian student:

  • Cover tuition fees – Scholarships can fully or partially cover your tuition costs, which often range from $15,000 to $60,000 per year at international universities. This saves significantly on the overall cost.
  • Funding for living expenses – Many scholarships also provide a stipend or allowance to support daily living costs like food, accommodation, books, etc. This can remove the need to work part-time.
  • No repayment needed – University scholarships appeal to many students because they offer a financial benefit without the obligation of repayment, in contrast to student loans, especially for Indian students.
  • Improve employability – Having an international degree makes you more employable globally. Scholarships enable this without accruing debt.
  • No IELTS required – Several universities waive the IELTS score requirement for scholarship recipients, saving you time and money on the test.

Top 10 University Scholarships without IELTS

Here are the best university scholarships for Indian students to study abroad without requiring IELTS:

1. University of Strathclyde Excellence Scholarship – UK

  • Scholarship Amount: £3,000-£4,000 per year
  • Eligibility: Indian students enrolling in undergraduate or postgraduate courses
  • Application Deadline: June 30th

The University of Strathclyde offers these partial scholarships to high-achieving Indian students. You do not need IELTS if you have at least 75% in Class 12 or a 3-year bachelor’s degree.

2. University of Westminster Scholarships – UK

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to £6,000
  • Eligibility: Indian students enrolling in undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Application Deadline: May 31st

The University of Westminster offers several scholarships for deserving Indian candidates with good academic records. An IELTS score is not required for the application.

scholarships for Indian students

3. Curtin University Merit Scholarship – Australia

  • Scholarship Amount: 25% tuition fee waiver
  • Eligibility: Indian students enrolling in an undergraduate degree course
  • Application Deadline: February 15th

With campuses in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai, Curtin University offers this scholarship to Indian students with excellent Grade 12 results.

4. Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarship – UK

  • Scholarship Amount: £3,000 towards first year tuition fees
  • Eligibility: High-achieving Indian students starting undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  • Application Deadline: June 30th

The prestigious University of Sussex grants this scholarship every year to academically sound Indian students. You can apply without an IELTS score.

5. Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship – Australia

  • Scholarship Amount: 50% tuition fee waiver
  • Eligibility: Indian students beginning undergraduate programs
  • Application Deadline: December 1st

Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia offers this 50% tuition fee waiver scholarship for Indian students enrolling in certain undergraduate courses.

6. Flinders International Scholarship – Australia

  • Scholarship Amount: 25% tuition fee waiver
  • Eligibility: High-achieving Indian undergraduate or postgraduate applicants
  • Application Deadline: October 31st

Flinders University in South Australia grants this 25% scholarship to newly enrolling Indian students who display academic excellence. An IELTS score is not required.

7. University of Adelaide Scholarships – Australia

  • Scholarship Amount: 20% – 60% tuition fee waiver
  • Eligibility: Indian students beginning undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  • Application Deadline: Earliest by March 31st

The University of Adelaide offers a range of generous scholarships with eligibility criteria focusing on merit rather than IELTS scores.

8. La Trobe University Scholarship – Australia

  • Scholarship Amount: 25% – 100% tuition fee coverage
  • Eligibility: Indian students commencing undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  • Application Deadline: November 30th

La Trobe University in Melbourne offers scholarships covering 25% to 100% of tuition fees. An IELTS score is not mandatory for Indian applicants.

9. Murdoch University Scholarships – Australia

  • Scholarship Amount: $5000 AUD one-time payment
  • Eligibility: High-achieving Indian applicants for undergraduate programs
  • Application Deadline: March 31st

Murdoch University offers several scholarships aimed at increasing Indian enrollment, without requiring evidence of English proficiency for application.

10. University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship – New Zealand

  • Scholarship Amount: NZD $15,000 towards tuition fees
  • Eligibility: Indian students starting undergraduate or postgraduate studies
  • Application Deadline: November 30th

This scholarship by the University of Waikato covers a big portion of first-year tuition fees for academically exceptional Indian students. IELTS is not needed.

How to Find and Apply Scholarships for Indian Students:

Here are some tips to search and apply for university scholarships without IELTS as an Indian student:

  • Check the university website thoroughly for any scholarships and their eligibility criteria. Look under sections like Future Students, Costs and Scholarships, or International Students.
  • Contact the university admissions department and scholarship office to inquire about possible scholarships you can apply for.
  • Research external scholarship databases like Scholaro, Scholars4Dev, EducationUSA to find scholarships open to Indian students.

scholarships for Indian students

  • Once you identify relevant scholarships, carefully go through the application requirements and prepare all supporting documents.
  • Submit your scholarship applications well before the deadline to increase your chances of success. Follow-up with the university if needed.
  • Be prepared to send across your Grade 12th mark sheets, academic transcripts, extracurricular certificates, recommendation letters, and essays accurately displaying your achievements.
  • Double check that you meet all the eligibility criteria before applying, especially without an IELTS score if required.

FAQs on University Scholarships without IELTS:

1. Can Indian students get scholarships for studying abroad without IELTS?

Yes, many top universities provide scholarships specifically for Indian students without requiring an IELTS score. These are offered based on academic merit rather than English proficiency.

2. Which countries offer the most scholarships to study abroad for Indian students?

Australia, UK, USA, and Canada offer a significant number of university scholarships for Indian students based on merit. Other locations like Germany, France, Singapore, and Hong Kong also offer options.

3. What is the best way to find these university scholarships?

Research the university websites thoroughly and contact the admissions and scholarship departments. Also use large external scholarship databases to find relevant options for study location, field of study, nationality, etc.

4. How do I make my scholarship application stand out?

Highlight your academic achievements like grades, class rank, research experience, publications etc. Provide glowing recommendation letters, a well-written essay, and proof of extracurriculars and leadership experience. Follow all instructions carefully.

5. Can I apply for university scholarships in the final year of undergraduate study?

Yes, final year undergraduates can apply for university scholarships for upcoming postgraduate studies abroad. Some universities also allow recent graduates to apply. Check the eligibility criteria.

6. Do all universities waive IELTS requirement for scholarship students?

While many top universities do waive IELTS for scholarship recipients, some may still require a minimum score. Check with each university on their specific policies. Taking the IELTS as a backup can be a good idea.

Key Takeaways

  • Numerous university scholarships are available globally that waive IELTS requirements for eligible Indian applicants.
  • Focus your search on merit-based scholarships offered by universities in preferred study destinations like the UK, Australia, Canada, USA.
  • Thoroughly research scholarship criteria, prepare a strong application highlighting academic excellence, and apply well before deadlines.
  • Taking the IELTS as a contingency is still recommended in case you do not receive the scholarship or if the university requires a minimum score.

With proper research and preparation, Indian students can identify and win university scholarships for studying abroad without needing IELTS scores. The key is to apply strategically to maximize your chances.

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