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Marine Engineering Scholarships in Greenland for 2024 Admissions

Last updated on February 18, 2024

Greenland, the world’s largest island, is an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. Even though largely covered by ice sheets, Greenland has rich marine life and an economy heavily dependent on fishing and seafood exports. Exploring the dynamic realm of Marine Engineering Scholarships, these opportunities provide aspiring individuals with avenues to pursue specialized education in maritime technology and engineering.

As a result, there is strong demand for trained marine engineers to design, build, and maintain ships, boats, oil rigs, and ocean structures operating in or near Greenlandic waters. Universities in Greenland and Denmark offer marine engineering degree programs catering to this need combined with attractive scholarship options for international students.

Marine Engineering Degree Programs in Greenland (Marine Engineering Scholarships)

Currently, there is only one university in Greenland that offers marine engineering degrees – the Technical University of Greenland located in the capital Nuuk. Some other options to study marine engineering internationally include:

  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – Offers BEng, MSc and PhD in Arctic Marine and Offshore Engineering taught in English.
  • Aalborg University (Denmark) – Bachelors and Masters in Marine and Offshore Engineering fully taught in English.
  • University Centre of the Westfjords (Iceland) – Iceland’s only marine engineering program focused on fishing and naval architecture.

Below is a comparison table of popular marine engineering university programs in Greenland and Denmark:

Technical University of GreenlandTechnical University of DenmarkAalborg University, Denmark
LocationNuuk, GreenlandLyngby, DenmarkAalborg, Denmark
Degrees OfferedBEng in Arctic Marine Engineering – BEng in Arctic Offshore EngineeringBEng in Marine Engineering – MSc in Arctic Marine and Offshore TechnologyBEng in Marine and Offshore Engineering – MSc in Marine and Offshore Engineering
Duration3 years (Bachelor)3 years (Bachelors) 2 years (Masters)3.5 years (Bachelors) 2 years (Masters)
Language of InstructionDanishEnglishEnglish
Admission RequirementsHigh school diploma Proof of Danish language skillsHigh school diploma English language skills certificate (IELTS/TOEFL)High school diploma English language skills certificate
Tuition feesNone for Greenlandic students EUR 4,000-8,000 per year for international studentsEUR 6,300-15,800 per year for EU students EUR 15,800-32,500 for international studentsEUR 4,300-10,500 per year for EU students EUR 10,500-16,500 for international students

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Scholarships for International Marine Engineering Students

Marine engineering degrees can be expensive for international students in Greenland and EU. Fortunately, several partial and fully-funded scholarships are offered by government and universities:

Government Scholarship in Greenland

  • Fully-funded scholarship including tuition fee coverage, flights, housing for non-EU students pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs at Greenland universities.

Danida Mobility Grants by Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Numerous partial scholarships for Bachelors, Masters and PhD students from developing countries studying at Danish universities. Covers living costs and travel.

University Scholarships in Greenland

DTU Tuition Fee Waivers

  • DTU offers competitive tuition fee waivers for international BEng and MSc students showing academic excellence. Saves EUR 32,500 over 2 years.

AU Tuition Fee Waivers

  • Similarly, Aalborg University offers merit-based tuition fee waivers for 50% to 100% fees worth EUR 5,000+ per year.

Admissions Deadlines to Apply for 2024 Intake

Most marine engineering degree programs in Greenland and Denmark commence their Fall semester in September of each year. To secure admission and apply for scholarships on time, below are important deadlines:

Technical University of Greenland

  • Scholarships Application Deadline – 1st March 2024
  • Admissions Application Deadline – March to June 2024

DTU (Denmark)

  • Tuition Fee Waiver Application Deadline – 1st March 2024
  • Admissions Application Deadline – 15th March 2024

Aalborg University (Denmark)

  • Scholarships & Admissions Application Deadline – 1st May 2024

Job Opportunities After Graduation

Marine engineers play a critical role in design, development and maintenance of vessels and offshore structures. With an increasing focus on sustainable Arctic development, graduates have bright prospects in Greenland:

  • Shipping Companies – Engineers are needed to operate and repair vessels supporting fishing, tourism and mining industries.
  • Offshore Oil/Gas Industry – Graduates can get technical roles in offshore drilling/exploration campaigns around Greenland.
  • Port Authorities – Port infrastructure development and modernization projects will have requirement for qualified marine engineers.
  • Government – Marine regulations, surveillance and environmental protection roles with the Danish and Greenlandic governments.
  • Consulting Firms – Conducting feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments for Arctic maritime projects and infrastructure.

FAQs on Marine Engineering Degree in Greenland

Which are the top universities for marine engineering in Greenland?

The Technical University of Greenland in Nuuk is the only university offering dedicated marine engineering bachelor’s degrees currently. For masters and supplementary education – Technical University of Denmark, Aalborg University (Denmark) are the most popular choices.

What are admission requirements for international students?

You require a valid high school completion certificate and proof of English language skills (IELTS/TOEFL scores). Some universities may also require you to pass an online admission test. Having relevant academic documents translated in Danish/English will also be required in some cases.

What is the cost to study marine engineering in Greenland?

For Greenland’s only marine engineering degree at Technical University of Greenland – Greenland-resident tuition is fully covered. For international students, tuition fees are EUR 4,000 to 8,000 per annum along with living costs of EUR 12,000 per year. Studying in Denmark is comparatively more expensive.

How can international students manage finances?

Scholarships options like the Greenland Scholarship Scheme, DTU/AU tuition waivers can provide huge cost savings for international students. Having some educational loans and funds from savings can also assist in managing cashflows over 3-4 years of university. Part-time work during studies in Greenland is also a good option.

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